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Classima Helps you to Find Best Phone With The Best Price

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1. Register

Create your account with Sellables using your e-mail and phone number (or do it via Facebook, Twitter or Google).

Ensure the correct phone number is been entered, so your prospective buyers or clients could reach you!

2. Make photos of your item

Please make sure images posted are not sourced from the Internet or else your post may not be approved.

Only post the ORIGINAL picture using your phone or a camera with best resolution.

3. Press POST AD

Choose the ad type, select the proper category and sub category, fill in the product information (which include, product title, pricing type, price, condition, description),  features of the item or product, upload you photo or video, fill in your contact details and submit your ad for review.

4. Respond the messages and calls from prospective clients!

If info post is without issues, your post will be on Sellables in few hours after submission.

A notification will be sent to you once your ad goes live.

Check your user dashboard for messages or chat and be ready to earn money!

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1. Search for the item

Explore products on Sellables using search panel and filters. Select the exact item you want to buy.

2. Contact a seller

You may use contact to seller via chat on Sellables or e-mail to seller. Sellers can also be contacted via phone calls or WhatsApp.

3. Collect your item or order a delivery

We vet our sellers in great detail, but it’s faster to double-check than to make a mistake, right? Meet a seller in safe or public place and pay only after collecting your item.

4. Leave your feedback about the seller

Please go ahead and tell us about your purchase.

Your response or comment will be published on the seller’s page and will be of value to other buyers.

Let’s build a secure, risk-free professional-business community together!

1. General

Our utmost concern is to create a secure, risk-free community and solving any arising from it.

Hence, we appeal to you to always leave a review after any dealing. If you want to report a seller, simply tap the report abuse button below the post or send a message to your support team and our team will look into it.

2. Personal safety tips

– Do not pay upfront, for item not delivered

– Endeavour to meet at a safe place or public location

– Double-check the item BEFORE you buy it

– Pay AFTER you’ve received the item

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