Modern Neckties For men with cutting edge taste

Jboss March 24, 2020

Modern Neckties For men with cutting edge taste

Modern Neckties For Men

Modern neckties for men are exquisitely design with quality style and cutting edge technology to meet technological advancement.


The unique, easy-to-use tie set consist of a Sharp Black magnetic top knot with a patented button trackpad; you can effortlessly slide the button track over the top button of your dress shirt and insert the magnetic Pink Lemonade 2.36 inch wide tie blade into the bottom of the top knot.


The modern neckties for men are made from nickel plated neodymium magnets; each magnet has the strength to hold up to twelve (12) pounds of force; which ensures your tie will stay secure and look great no matter what adventure you are on.


As the Modern neckties collection grows, you can swap out your favorite knots and ties with interchangeable designs; all ties are made to fit any knot, allowing you to easily mix and match knot styles with any tie color or print you like.


The outer shell, or the outer part of the tie, is made from 100% silk, 100% cotton, 100% wool, and linen; the interlining is made from the highest quality wool making the ties soft and luxurious.


All Modern Tie products has a lifetime product guarantee. You can also  best check moisturizers for men.

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