Latin dance: The different kinds of Latin dresses

Jboss April 27, 2021

Latin dance: The different kinds of Latin dresses

Latin dance is known for their rhythm and self-expression. These dances have been influenced by three (3) major cultural spheres; Upper-class European style, African style and the native style.

The notable thing about this genre of dance is its wealthy cultural history conveyed in each dance. It is no news that the Latin dance has modified and evolved over the years, but its root it’s still preserved in the dance movements and rhythms of this spectacular genre.

Tips to choosing a Latin

Before choosing the right dress, you must know everything that is physically attached with the dance. The various Latin dances are usually energy sapping activity as it requires moving and spinning around a lot. The world of Latin dance and the outfits for each kind of dance can be very difficult to interpret.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while choosing a Latin dress for a Latin dance.


Salsa is type of Latin dance known to have originated from the Caribbean. It is considered as the most practiced and entertaining social dances in the world till date.

Within this genre, there are various subcategories. When it comes to clothing, Open Backs are the most sought after attire for this genre. These enticing tops are a pleasure to watch.

But according to surveys, men prefer the touch of cotton. Bat wings are the tops with extra fabric that extend when the arm is raised. This looks great when you lift your arms and dance away.

All these attires accessorized with rings, watches and wrist bling can give the mesmerizing look which every dancer desires.


This dance originated in the Dominican Republic. The steps are easy to master even though the music is fast paced. The attires are colorful, revealing and tight fitting to flaunt the dance moves and complement the dynamic music.

The venue of the dance decides the type of costume. For cultural festivals, the dresses are bright and warm colors with flowing skirts. Men wear shirts that match the color of the dress. For Latin dance clubs, short skirts will display the breathtaking hip movements.


This kind of dance originated in Cuba and is very much similar to mambo. It is derived from the sound the shoes make while dancing to music.

The dancers wear a bright colored ruffled dress. The shoes are high heels and are usually of the same color as the dress. Dancers can also wear a ruffled skirt with a top of the same bright color as an alternative.


This dance originated in Argentina and Uruguay and is considered to be a dance of emotions and depends entirely on improvisation.

Dancers who are confident about their legs can go for bright warm colored short skirts and a matching top. Burgundy, Emerald Green and Navy Blue deliver the classy look. Broad shouldered women look stunning in full skirts that provide the hourgla

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