iPhone SE 2020: Specification, Price and Review

Jboss May 4, 2020

iPhone SE 2020: Specification, Price and Review

iPhone SE 2020: Specification, Price and Review

Apple designs devices not just because it excites customers but also for durability. The company has a way of polishing an old device with fresh specs and sell it as new. The iPhone SE is the latest example, but it’s not the first. Apple took a similar approach to the iPhone 8, and still sells a MacBook Pro 13 with Touch Bar that is a carbon copy to the model launched in 2015.

While some see it as a smart reuse of a great design that still has purpose, others see it as a lazy rebranding of an obsolete phone. People in both camps tend to have their opinion ready before ever laying hands on the phone in question.

Here we explore its specs, the price and review, which will, in turn, help you make your purchase decision.

Design and Display

The design can best the described as a rip-off of the iPhone 8, only in a much small size. While the iPhone SE is akin to the iPhone 8, its design is rooted in the iPhone 6 — a phone that was released in 2014. So, it’s not unfair to say that the new iPhone SE looks like a six-year-old phone. Thankfully, that’s where the bad news ends.

The iPhone SE remains a slim, sleek and portable device. It is 5.45 inches tall, 2.65 inches wide, 29 inches thick, and weighs just 5.22 ounces, making it the lightest of the recent iPhones.

The Chassis on this phone features a glass on the front and rear with an Aluminium frame. To make things even much better with an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance.

Nestled in the front panel of the iPhone SE 2020 is a 4.7-inch Retina IPS LCD with a 1,334 x 750 resolution (or 326 pixels per inch), which is 7-inch bigger than that of its predecessor.

It comes in Black, White and Red colour.

Touch ID Returns

There are big bezels at the top and bottom of the display. The top bezel houses an earpiece, a front-facing camera, and other sensors, while the bottom bezel houses its home button which doubles as its Touch-ID sensor – which provides flawless fingerprint login, and doubles as the home button.

The Cameras

The iPhone SE 2020 low-budget factor took a tole on its cameras. A peek at the specs, one would think camera doesn’t look impressive though it lacks additional camera, such as an ultrawide, to improve versatility.

The rear

On the rear, it has single 12MP shooter with an aperture of f/1.8 which is capable of shooting a 4k video up to 60 frames per second and also supports slo-mo 1080p video at up to 240 fps.

For selfie

It features a single 7MP shooter with an aperture of f/2.2. This camera is also capable of shooting videos maxed at 1080p @ 30fps.

Hardware and Software

Although it’s a low-budget iPhone, the iphone SE still pick up some features from the flagship line. The SE has the same A13 Bionic processor you’ll find in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

The SE comes with a 3GB of RAM.

The iPhone SE 2020 also runs the iOS 13 software, it’s killer feature which is the same OS run on the iPhone 11 Pro.


The iPhone SE 2020 features a Lightning port, Bluetooth 5.0, dual-band Wifi and NFC. Please note that it doesn’t feature a 3.5mm headphone jack, so to listen to audio, you will need to use a USB-C or Bluetooth headphone.

Internet connectivity on the iPhone SE 2020 is pegged at 4G LTE because apple has been slow to embrace 5G so the phone isn’t a 5G phone.


It comes with a storage options of 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.


It is powered by a meager non-removable 1821 mAh Li-ion battery. It is quoted by Apple to last for 8 hours while streaming video or 13 hours when playing video from the phone’s local storage.

It supports fast charging with an 18-watt adapter (sadly not included) and also supports wireless charging via Qi chargers.

Pricing & Availability

The Price of the iPhone SE starts around $399 which is about 154,213 Naira, 2,314 Ghana Cedi and 42,453 Kenyan Shilling for the 64GB variant.

The 128GB variant of the iPhone SE 2020 will go on sale for a price around $449, while the 256GB variant will be on sale for a price around $549.

The iPhone SE 2020 was announced on April 15th, 2020 and will go on sale April 24th, 2020.


The iPhone SE is a good solid entry-level iPhone and well worth $400. One issue to note is battery life which is merely OK unlike the Moto G8 Power, which I recently reviewed, has a 5,000mAh battery which could last two to three days. The iPhone SE certainly can’t match that Android battery life same way Android can’t match iPhone SE performance.

Google’s Pixel 3a, a good Android phone is the clear competitor. It has a larger display but the SE is faster and has a better camera.

In a nutshell iPhone SE not for everyone, but it’s great for many, and I’d seriously consider it if I had to buy a new phone right now.

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