Google and Bing Coronavirus Websites to provide all updates and other information on Covid-19

Jboss March 22, 2020

Google and Bing Coronavirus Websites to provide all updates and other information on Covid-19

Google and Bing Coronavirus Websites to provide updates on Covid-19

Google and bing Coronavirus websites: Google has developed its own website aimed at providing all updates about Coronavirus disease such as coronavirus update, state-based information, safety and prevention tips, search trends related to COVID-19, and further resources for individuals, businesses, and educators.  You can click here to access the website. In a wake of this, Google has improved its search engine experience on coronavirus, Covid-19 on mobile, tablet and desktop.Google information resource WebsiteGoogle has been providing search cards, helpline suggestions for users, and tabs on who makes searches on Coronavirus also known as Covid-19 disease. Today Google officially launched its Coronavirus website. The site is  geared towards providing support, helpline, suggestion, enhanced information and lots more.

On Google’s Coronavirus site, you can access information on coronavirus, Covid-19. It signs, symptoms, prevention, treatment, help section, related official links of all World Health Organization (WHO) and center for disease control (CDC) websites, safety, and prevention tips, data and insights, state-based information, important resources to help, donation section, blogs and so on.

Just recently, the center for disease control, CDC has launched a “self-checker” chatbot built by Microsoft, as a way of calming anxiety or panic to people who sought for help on their website.

Google has also pledged $50 million to the global COVID-19 response.Google Coronavirus relief effortsGoogle is also providing trends related to updates on coronavirus, covid-19, search data, trends related to the Coronavirus update, common searches related to coronavirus, search interest by country. You can also view Global Map showing countries and it’s  confirmed cases.

There are videos in American Sign Language (ASL), some positive videos about Covid-19 from YouTube, some feel-good videos also from YouTube. For example, there are funny videos, videos to relieve anxiety, of meditation for anxiety, cooking and recipe videos and the list is endless.Googles Coronavirus website data and insightGoogles coronavirus website is currently available only in English language, other languages to follow shortly.

To wind down, most big tech company, entrepreneurs are making effort to provide coronavirus-related support but there’s still a long way to solving critical problems like access to testing and the impending crisis in our healthcare infrastructure, breakthrough with treatment and others.

Bing, a search engine giant, owned and operated by Microsoft, also launched it’s Covid Tracker to help people to access official information on Coronavirus. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp have all played a major role to curb the spread of fake news of coronavirus on the internet.

They are providing important links, carousal at the top of the search results, news feed and others.

With Google and bing Coronavirus websites, we are sure of getting an authentic update