Coronavirus Daily Digest 9 April, 2020 update

Jboss April 9, 2020

Coronavirus Daily Digest 9 April, 2020 update

Coronavirus Daily Digest: April 9, 2020

Projected death tolls slides — with a caveat. Racial background plays a role in who dies, and the pandemic may have the power to stop wars. Catch up on Coronavirus Daily Digest 9 April 2020 here:

We’re approaching 1.6 million confirmed cases worldwide, with nearly 95,000 deaths and 355,000 recoveries. In the U.S. we have more than 460,000 cases, almost 17,000 deaths, and 25,000 recoveries. With more than 150,000 cases, with New York state alone having more than any country in the world outside the U.S. and Spain, while Nigeria recorded 14 cases today, 13 from Lagos State and 1 from Delta state making a total of 288 cases so far with 51 cases discharged.

The projected total deaths here have been lowered dramatically, all thanks to simple healthy measures like social distancing and quarantine. But that model assumes these measures will continue to act until August.

The coronavirus is killing black Americans at an alarming rate. From the results released, 42% were black, while African Americans make up roughly 21% of the population.

However, as the country is told to wear masks in public, African Americans fear racial profiling. Two Africans in masks say they were kicked out of Walmart.

Up till now the country’s hotspots have been major urban centers, but outbreaks in rural areas are looming. Outcomes likely to be heightened there.

About 90% of the U.S federal stockpile of protective equipment has already been utilised.

Two studies of coronavirus genomes in New York found that most of the cases there originated in Europe, not Asia.

Less than 100,000 persons passed through an airport security checkpoint on Tuesday, the lowest figure since the 1950s.

Dust off the shop lessons and skills you learned decades ago, if you were fortunate to have learned them. Mending, baking, and sewing are essential skills now.

Coronavirus cases in Russia is spreading, as the country records over 10,000 cases. Most of the states are not on lockdown.

A global pandemic has the power to stop or at least pause wars as Saudi Arabia has declared a cease-fire in Yemen, the poorest country in the Arab world.

A 103-year-old woman from Italy survived COVID-19. She attributes “courage and strength, faith.”

British PM has been moved out of ICU at London’s St Thomas Hospital amid treatment for covid-19. The spokesperson disclosed the PM is in good spirit.

The Federal government of Nigeria has expressed readiness to partner with British airways in evacuating Nigerians living in the US.

Despite controversy the two months free electricity supply, some distribution company has told customers to pay their bills.

No plans by the Federal government of Nigeria to relax the lockdown policy as Christians celebrate Easter amid covid-19.

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