5 Essential Points To Consider Before Buying a Power Bank

Jboss August 24, 2019

5 Essential Points To Consider Before Buying a Power Bank


Due to innovations in the field of technology, new mobile phones are produced on monthly/yearly basis. But, then the only thing we lack is in the improvement of its battery life. To keep your smartphones/tabs/or USB devices to stay alive all day long, you need a power bank. They’re available in all shapes, weights, and capacities. Here are five essential points to note:


Some power banks are small and light in weight and can easily slip into our pockets, while some can just slung in a bag. Consider their weight and try to avoid large designs if you’re going to carry it every day.


This is very essential. Most people complain their power bank can’t fully charge their devices despite a high capacity. Always be aware that a power bank will never deliver it’s full rated capacity to your device. The energy is lost due to the generation of heat and voltage conversions. Some of them are expected to achieve only about 70% of efficiency. In such cases, a conventional 10,000 mAh power bank will deliver only 7000 mAh of power whereas the best one may offer about 90% efficiency. So it’s important to check your gadgets’ battery specification to estimate how many times you can get your device charged fully.

Charging and Recharging

When it comes to recharging the power banks, the higher the input rating, more quickly it gets loaded. For instance, a 1Amp input will give an output of 5W (5V for USB), and a 2Amp input will provide an output of 10W.

Not all brands but a few of them provide you with a USB charger in the box. If you don’t get one, you can use the USB that you got with your phone/tab. Note that, a power bank device with a 2A (10W) input will not recharge its battery faster than the one with a 1A (5W) information when used with an underspecified USB charger and vice-versa.

Other Features

The best power banks support auto-on and -off mode functionality whereas some support only auto-on mode.

A power button on their casing is typically used to light up the LED flashlight (if the power bank has one), and a separate series of LED light that indicates how much capacity is remaining. Go for the one with LED that tells you exact remaining capacity, so that you never get caught short anytime, anywhere.


The truth is, when it comes to price, it is not at all a barrier because the best power banks with useful features are surely going to be costly when compared to a regular power bank. It depends entirely upon the devices that you’re going to charge through with the power bank. Buy a perfect one that is most suitable for your device.

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